Don’t let leaking taps and pipes takeover your washroom or sink! Get it repaired on time to prevent further structural damage to your beautiful home. Our home service specialists extend their services across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Keep all annoying leaks at bay with help from our experts. Book a service today and never worry about plumbing issues when you have the Home Care Service India.


Rs 99 is the minimum inspection/job charge. By placing this order, you agree to the terms and conditions for the same


    • Rates as per time are as follows:
    • Upto 0.5 hour – Rs 99
    • 0.5 to 1 hour – Rs 299
    • 1 hour to 1.5 hours – Rs 399
    • 1.5 to 2 hours – Rs 529
    • 2 to 2.5 hours – Rs 649
    • 2.5 to 3 hours – Rs 749
    • Time Spent in getting the materials organised by the specialist from the market will be included in the hours counted
    • In case of large scope of work, (over 3 hours / more than 1 person) the rates will be quoted accordingly, before starting the work
    • Time pending for your service cannot be carried over for your next service
    • Parts replacement, material cost, transportation cost (if applicable) would be on actuals and are to be settled with the service partner directly
    • Home Care will provide an invoice for the labor cost only
    • Printed circuit board (PCB) or related repairs would not be done by the Home Care Service Partner
    • Home Care strongly discourages any kind of direct contact with our Service Partner. If such a scenario arises Home Care will not be responsible for any service delivery or service quality guarantee.

Rate Card

Item Name Price
Inspection ₹ 249
Tap Installation (standard) ₹ 50
Tap Instalation (premium) ₹ 100
Tap Repair (standard) ₹ 50
Tap Repair (premium) ₹ 100
Washer Change ₹ 100
Shower Repairing ₹ 100
Shower Kit Repairing or Replacement ₹ 400
Kitchen Sink Replacement ₹ 700
Kitchen Platform or Sink Leakage On Inspection
Wash Basin Pipe Replacement ₹ 100
Wash Basin Tap Change or Repair ₹ 75
Wash Basin Replacment (complete) ₹ 700-1000
Jet Spray Installation ₹ 200
Commod Western Style Replacement ₹ 850
Commod Repairing (seat) ₹ 150
Toilet Flush Repairing (open) ₹ 250
Toilet Flush Repairing (concealed) ₹ 400
Towel Rod or Hanger Installation ₹ 100
Soap Holder Installation ₹ 100
Mirrors (depending on the size) ₹ 300-600
Hand Dryers ₹ 350
Bathtub Installation On Inspection
Blockage (kitchen or bathroom – internal) ₹ 400-700
Washing Machine Connection (standard fittings) ₹ 100-300
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